BEETHEFIRST Keeps it Safe and Simple

10 Nov

BEETHEFIRST Keeps it Safe and Simple.

namecheap dns with hotmail or outlook domain

6 Oct
  1. Select “All host records” in right hand menu
  2. Select “User (Mail Server’s Host Name Required)”
  3. Click “Save” so new input boxes come up
  4. in “HOST NAME” enter “@” <— this is the real trick
  5. Add the Outlook “MAILSERVER HOST NAME” to be something like
  6. Set “MX PREF” to “10”
  7. Set “TTL” to 3600

The real trick is knowing the “HOST NAME” should be “@”. 

In reality MX records shouldn’t need host names… confusing


4 Oct

Things learned from SouthStart today:

  1. Write down your goals (Michalewicz)
  2. Work out margins
  3. Leila Henderson had some good suggestions on what software to use for media, though i need to look over the videos to get what they were.
  4. Are we pricing our product too low
  5. Think of a hack, e.g. redirecting users from who want changes.

congrata to voxie box and baby bargains for winning the pitch comp!

Dell RAID monitoring with Nagios

30 Sep

Using the plugin to monitor RAID devices on Dell PowerEdge servers.

Started receiving this error:

    Host does not understand the Dell Storage OID

Due to the DELL services that handle the SNMP requests not being up.

I fixed it like this:

    sudo yum update srvadmin* #well this might not be necessary
    sudo /etc/init.d/dataeng restart
    sudo /etc/init.d/snmpd restart

A good job

25 Sep

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 4 things to look for in a job:

  1. Reasonable pay
    1. Doesn’t have to be huge, but enough to live ok on
    2. (Plenty of studies have shown that after $x/year people aren’t any happier earning more)
  2. Good conditions
    1. People are OK
    2. Office is OK
    3. Commute is OK
    4. Hours are OK
  3. Useful skills
    1. If you ever have to or want to leave, you can get another job
    2. (i.e. don’t learn to make buggy whips)
  4. Blue sky
    1. If the business goes gangbusters, you’re in for a payday
    2. (i.e. your maximum upside isn’t a 5% bonus)

New Job

16 Sep

I have two weeks left before I finish up at my current work.

I’ve spent the last few days checking out the local employment environment. It doesn’t look great. I really love my current work and thinking of doing other work (available in Adelaide) is slightly depressing.

Looking further afield, it seems as though I need to put a lot more effort into GitHub and StackOverflow.

Current plan is to:

  • Do a budget
  • Sort out resume
  • Start contributing more to GitHub and StackOverflow
  • Contact recruiters
  • Look into the 3 startup incubators/co-working places here in Adelaide.
      • In CBD, good location
      • Looks to be the slickest of the three, new looking building and fit out
      • Just started, received a big grant from the State Government and kicked out Format (
      • Most expensive: $600/month. Seems like they’re just using the same pricing as in Sydney and Melbourne, but real estate is cheaper in Adelaide!
      • In CBD, good location
      • Went to a talk here, the building is quite old
      • The owner/manager/founder (?) seems to be very proactive, organising events and meetups etc.
      • Seems like mainly guy programmers would work here
      • $300/month
      • In Norwood, not optimal
      • Can’t see much in the photos on the site
      • $300/month

Jquery Dialog slow to open

11 Sep

Here is a good way to speed up jQuery dialogs. This happens when there is a lot of data/html inside the dialog:

This reduced load time from about 4000ms to about 1100ms.

To summarize (in case the above page changes), you detach the container’s children before you open it, then you re-attach once it is open:

var $dialogContainer = $('#contrib-dialog');
var $detachedChildren = $dialogContainer.children().detach();
  modal: 1,
  autoOpen: 0,
  height: 'auto',
  width: 985,
  title: "Yup",
 open: function () {