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15 Jul

Notes on setting up Samba to be a PDC with Dfs shares

How Windows Domain logons work:
1. Client machine starts up, sends out Broadcast for a Domain Controller (DC)

2. DC’s respond that they are able to take logon

3. Client logs into DC

4. When DC receives logon, Samba handles it, and runs a user logon script (written by W*w*k/A*t*y). This script creates a batch file which that is placed in the user’s home directory /home/ and returns.

The Windows client then calls this batch file. Inside the batch file, are a whole bunch of ‘net use \server\share’ commands which set up mapped network drives. One of these will be the dfsroot for that user, e.g. /home//sharelinks.

This directory is actually a Samba share and when it is mapped, dfs links are created. This is because inside samba.conf there is something like:

> [sharelinks]
> comment = Links to shares for %U
> volume = ShareLinks
> root preexec = /usr/local/bin/user_dfsroot %U
> path = /home/%U/.dfsroot
> msdfs root = yes
> csc policy = documents

The preexec script ‘user_dfsroot’ creates a whole bunch of dfs links in the user’s home directory and returns. The ‘sharelinks’ mapped drive will now have a bunch of dfs links which appear as folders. (These dfs links can be to other machines etc).


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