Access to Mysql migration

19 Jul

Steps necessary to migrate Access to Mysql.

This is done by:

1. Create a database in Mysql
2. Install MyODBC on the machine (from
3. Create a DSN for the database and make sure it can connect (there is a ‘test connection’ button in the DSN creation process
4. Open MS Access DB, right click on each table and ‘export’ it to the DSN created in step 3.
5. Add indexes to columns in Mysql (probably easiest thru phpmyadmin)
6. Run script to convert all tables to InnoDB and create Foreign Keys (see attached example).
7. Rename original tables and link the Access front end (File->Get External Data->Link Tables) to the Mysql tables

Example script that converts myIsam tables to InnoDb and adds Foreign Keys:
Download file


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