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Signing Jars

2 Aug

You need to sign jar’s for Web Start to work:


Step 2: sign the jar file
You must sign the jar file in order that people can verify it’s origin (an decide if they trust the application or not). The JDK contains a tool which allows signing of jar file with a certificate. If you don’t have your own certificate, you can use the tool also to build one.

Create new certificate:

keytool -genkey -keystore yourKeystore -alias YourName

You will be prompted several questions. At the end, your personal certificate will be in your keystore “yourKeystore”. You can check it by calling

keytool -list -keystore yourKeystore

Now you can sign the jar file:

jarsigner -keystore yourKeystore test.jar YourName

That’s it. The jar file includes know your signature and people can decide if they trust it.