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Geronimo / IBM Websphere CE

31 Dec

There is a bug in the server whereby HotDeploy does not work properly (MyEclipse 5.1.0 GA, WebSphere CE – 1.1 which is really Geronimo)

If you try to HotDeploy, it will not work.

To make it work, go to the WebSphere directory and:
– remove the .war file from the /deploy directory
– edit /var/config/config.xml and remove the references to the deployed WAR

(It’s this bug:


Project Dependencies

30 Dec

MyEclipse has a tutorial on Dependent Java Projects, see the tutorial that comes with MyEclipse called “Create a J2EE Web Application”. It’s at the end of this tutorial.

Cast Superclass to Subclass

21 Dec


8 Dec

echo “$xworld” #doesn’t work

you have to ‘protect’ your variable:
echo “${x}world” # works!
echo “${x/o/op}” # does a regex on the variable and prints out “hellop”