Extssh is an Eclipse-only CVS connection method

25 Jan


“3. The ‘extssh’ connection method

The extssh connection method is unique to Eclipse CVS and doesn’t exist in the
command-line CVS client. If you are using extssh to connect to a SSH2
repository and would like to use the command line client for some CVS
operations you can configure the ext connection method to use extssh when
inside Eclipse.

1. Create a new repository location that uses the ext connection method. The
repository path, host, and user should be identical to those in the extssh
2. Open the Team>CVS>Ext Connection Method preference page.
3. Enable ‘Use another connection method type to connect’ and choose *extssh* (which seems kind of weird).
4. Now when you use the ext connection method inside Eclipse, extssh will be
used instead of an external client.”

## To check this is doing what you think its doing have a look at CVS/Root – this will say what connection string you are using for in that CVS repository


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