Web service enable DataStage Jobs

3 Aug

Using IBM Information Server v8.0.1 you can Web Service enable DataStage jobs.

You first create the job in DataStage (e.g. a Parallel Job) then you go to the Information Service Console -> Develop – > Information Services Application.

– Create a ‘New Service’
– Click “newOperation1” and rename it to something – this is an input parameter to your DataStage Job
– Click “Select an information provider” and find your DataStage (if this can’t be found, you have to go back to Overview->Setup Information Services Connection and make sure the “Enabled” column is checked for your DataStage Server)
– Select “DataStage and QualityStage” and then your server
– Select your job, if your job can’t be found in the Server, you might need to set some things in DataStage. Go back to DataStage and open the Job Properties for the job. Ensure “Allow Multiple Instances” and “Enabled for Information Services” are checked.
– You can now save the application
– Go to “Select Information Services Application to Work With” and deploy the service


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