IIS / DataStage login problems

8 Aug

Authentication problems with DataStage 8.

I am using the internal directory. Open the Web Console->Domain Management->Directory Configuration and make sure the “Information Server Directory” is set as the “Active Provider”

“Failed to authenticate the current user against the selected Domain:
Invalid user name (xxxxx) or password.”
— Hadn’t added user in either the Web Console or Console
Solution: Add the user, make sure you give them access under the “Suite Component”

“The current user does not have the required DataStage roles set up.”
— This means the user was authenticated ok, but does not have the correct permission set up

“Failed to connect to DataStage server: IBM-L3AM583, project: myproject
(User name and/or password incorrect (80011))”
— Go to the Web Console -> Domain Management -> DataStage Credentials
The ‘Share User Registry between IBM Information Server and DataStage Server’ is probably selected, deselect this and try to login again


One Response to “IIS / DataStage login problems”

  1. Abhi Jain September 12, 2008 at 4:58 pm #

    No, it is still not working.

    Is there any other thing, i need to check?

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