Using FTPS in Websphere Integration Developer FTP Adapter

7 Sep

You’ll need an FTPS server to test this (note: NOT a SFTP server).

(WID uses FTP over SSL/TLS with implicit encryption – you can test this by watching the commands it sends to a server – the first thing it sends is encrypted. Try FileZilla as a good client)

I used freeFtpd which seems to do it well.

1. Set up freeFTPd server selecting the “Use FTP+SSL” and “Use FTPSimplicit” options
2. Save the “Certificate” used in freeFTPd onto the client running WID.
3. On the WID client, import the certificate into a keystore:

keytool -import -file c:\freeftpd.cer -keystore c:\mykeystore

Note that it is important to make sure the keytool you are using is the same as the one running WID.
4. In WID add the property to pick up the keystore. This is found in the Administrative Console of the server in: Application Servers->server1->Server Infrastructure->Process Definition->Java Virtual Machine->Custom Properties. Add the variable named “” and set it to “c:\mykeystore” (or wherever you created it).
5. In WID in the properties of the FTP interface (from the Assembly Diagram) you need to set the url to ftps:// (rather than ftp://)


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