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Websphere Process Server 6.0.2 – upgrading

15 Nov

To update to the latest version you need to update WAS and WPS.

As of November 2007:

Update WPS to (Fix Pack 2)


Update WAS’ ‘updateinstaller’


Update WAS to (Fixpack 23) and update WAS SDK
to 1.4.2 SR9 for V6.0.2) – NOTE that this must be done AFTER the ‘updateinstaller’ has been upgraded (above)

o      Use
the ‘Maintenance Download Wizard’ at

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WTRN0005W Error in WPS

12 Nov

From the WPS doco at


  1. Stop all the application servers and administrative server to make
    sure no in-doubt transactions exist.

  2. Delete all the files from
    install_root/tranlog directory.

  3. Go to the install_root/properties directory
    and delete all the files with the following name:



    AppServer is the name of the Application Server.

    For example: DefaultServerXAResources

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Solaris – 32 bit or 64 bit

2 Nov

Can check what its running as:

isainfo -b


isainfo -v

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DB2 problems

2 Nov

If DB2 isn’t starting, look for log files in /tmp and also in the db2 user’s dir: e.g. /home/db2inst1/sqlib/log

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