DataStage executed job return value

4 Apr

Example of how to run a job from “Job Control” in DataStage and set a status (or return value) from an executed job

      ErrCode = DSWaitForJob(hJob1)
      Status = DSGetJobInfo(hJob1, DSJ.JOBSTATUS)
      If Status = DSJS.RUNFAILED Or Status = DSJS.CRASHED Or Status = DSJ.ERRFATAL Then
         * Fatal Error - No Return
         Call DSLogInfo("Job Failed!!!!: MITS_Cons_FTP", "JobControl")
         RetVal = 'Failed: Initial MITS_Cons_FTP failed'
         GO TO THEEND:

  Call DSLogInfo("At the end, retval is " : RetVal,"JobControl")
  Call DSSetUserStatus("STATUS: " : RetVal)

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