DataStage Server Job large XML file

11 Apr

To an XML file in a Server Job using an “XML Input Stage” you can use a “Sequential File” or “Folder” to send two columns – the first being the filename the second being the contents of the file.
– To do this you would send the option in the “XML Input Stage” as “XML file”

This is kind of hacky – it reads the whole XML file into the second column. I am running a VM and found that this wouldn’t work for XML files > 50meg.

If the file is too big you can get around it by using the “URL/File Path” option in the “XML Input Stage”. In this case the “Sequential File” or “Folder” must send the filename of the file to the “XML Input Stage”. This seems to allow you to use bigger files.

Play around with the “Convert CRLF” and other options in the “Sequential File”/”Folder” to get what you want.


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