Archive | March, 2012

Zope default site

26 Mar

To make your default site instead of, you need to login to the Zope ZMI interface ( or and click on Virtual Hosting , this opens the Virtual Hosting Monster, click on the Mappings tab, and add something like this:

*   /mysite


postgresql performance

13 Mar

note, increasing effective_cache_size in postgres.conf can actually slow your server down!

slony – removing replication

13 Mar

A few tasks need to be performed:

  1. Stop the slony daemons (/etc/init.d/slony-xx stop), remove from startup (chkconfig slony-xx off/sysv-rc-conf)
  2. Remove replication from the databases, check for the name of the schema:
  1. Remove replication
$> DROP SCHEMA _replication_name CASCADE;