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namecheap dns with hotmail or outlook domain

6 Oct
  1. Select “All host records” in right hand menu
  2. Select “User (Mail Server’s Host Name Required)”
  3. Click “Save” so new input boxes come up
  4. in “HOST NAME” enter “@” <— this is the real trick
  5. Add the Outlook “MAILSERVER HOST NAME” to be something like
  6. Set “MX PREF” to “10”
  7. Set “TTL” to 3600

The real trick is knowing the “HOST NAME” should be “@”. 

In reality MX records shouldn’t need host names… confusing



4 Oct

Things learned from SouthStart today:

  1. Write down your goals (Michalewicz)
  2. Work out margins
  3. Leila Henderson had some good suggestions on what software to use for media, though i need to look over the videos to get what they were.
  4. Are we pricing our product too low
  5. Think of a hack, e.g. redirecting users from who want changes.

congrata to voxie box and baby bargains for winning the pitch comp!