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Nokia N73 sync with WMP 11

14 Jun

I prefer Windows Media Player to ITunes. It is much faster and can monitor a network share in the background without any slowness (which I think is its greatest feature – as well as being faster to start up).

To get the N73 to be a sync target in WMP, you must connect it using a USB cable (no Bluetooth support for this) and set the phone to “Mass Storage” mode (this will be a pop-up selection on the phone).

When I set the N73 to “Media Player” mode I found that Windows kept popping up with “Found New Hardware” – it would find the hardware, install it, then another “Found New Hardware” bubble would pop up.

Once your phone is installed and WMP is launched, it automagically adds it as a sync target and you can drag and drop songs onto it or do a random selection.

WMP is simpler than ITunes, and I think I actually find it better. With ITunes i never bothered trying to keep playlists in sync with my Ipod – this was probably because I had ~80gig in my library but only a 4 gig Nano. I initially tried having an ‘Ipod’ playlist but gave up because it was too big for my Ipod.


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12 Apr

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