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GitHub with Eclipse

5 Aug

Wanted to get GitHub to work with Eclipse. It seems like it should be simple, but it can be confusing. Here are the steps I took.

  • I’m presuming your GitHub project is already setup, you’ll need the URL:
  • Install Eclipse
  • Install EGit plugin for Eclipse – Eclipse->Help->Install New Software. I selected all options.

  • Now set up Git as a repository. File -> Import -> Git -> Projects from Git -> Clone. Fill in the details, I tried using ssh as the ‘Protocol’ but it didn’t like it. https worked so I just used this:

Select the branch you want and continue. 

  • At this point you have created a clone of your github project onto your local machine.
  • The next step is to import it as a project.
  • Eclipse->File->Import (this is the same page as before when you did the ‘Clone’, but your local git repository should now be available). Now select the repository you just added and click ‘Next’

  • Now click ‘Import Existing Projects’
  • Now follow the instructions and it should work.
Once you’ve finished you should be able to right-click the project that was created and “Push”.

Extssh is an Eclipse-only CVS connection method

25 Jan

“3. The ‘extssh’ connection method

The extssh connection method is unique to Eclipse CVS and doesn’t exist in the
command-line CVS client. If you are using extssh to connect to a SSH2
repository and would like to use the command line client for some CVS
operations you can configure the ext connection method to use extssh when
inside Eclipse.

1. Create a new repository location that uses the ext connection method. The
repository path, host, and user should be identical to those in the extssh
2. Open the Team>CVS>Ext Connection Method preference page.
3. Enable ‘Use another connection method type to connect’ and choose *extssh* (which seems kind of weird).
4. Now when you use the ext connection method inside Eclipse, extssh will be
used instead of an external client.”

## To check this is doing what you think its doing have a look at CVS/Root – this will say what connection string you are using for in that CVS repository

Geronimo / IBM Websphere CE

31 Dec

There is a bug in the server whereby HotDeploy does not work properly (MyEclipse 5.1.0 GA, WebSphere CE – 1.1 which is really Geronimo)

If you try to HotDeploy, it will not work.

To make it work, go to the WebSphere directory and:
– remove the .war file from the /deploy directory
– edit /var/config/config.xml and remove the references to the deployed WAR

(It’s this bug:

Project Dependencies

30 Dec

MyEclipse has a tutorial on Dependent Java Projects, see the tutorial that comes with MyEclipse called “Create a J2EE Web Application”. It’s at the end of this tutorial.