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DataStage Errors

8 May

If you receive the following errors when attempting to run “dsjob” from the command line it means you do not have the correct permissions to run the job:

Error running job

Status code = -99 DSJE_REPERROR

To fix this, I had to add the user to the group(‘dstage’) that DataStage was installed as:

$> /usr/sbin/usermod -a -G dstage myusername

Its annoying that it doesn’t say “you don’t have permissions”


Running a command from DataStage ‘Job Control’

10 Apr

* Delete any temporary file if it was creatd
tmpFile = “my filename”
Call DSLogInfo(“”, “Job failed. Deleting temp file: “:tmpFile)
Call DSExecute(“UNIX”, “rm “:tmpFile,UnixOutput,UnixReturnCode)

DataStage executed job return value

4 Apr

Example of how to run a job from “Job Control” in DataStage and set a status (or return value) from an executed job

      ErrCode = DSWaitForJob(hJob1)
      Status = DSGetJobInfo(hJob1, DSJ.JOBSTATUS)
      If Status = DSJS.RUNFAILED Or Status = DSJS.CRASHED Or Status = DSJ.ERRFATAL Then
         * Fatal Error - No Return
         Call DSLogInfo("Job Failed!!!!: MITS_Cons_FTP", "JobControl")
         RetVal = 'Failed: Initial MITS_Cons_FTP failed'
         GO TO THEEND:

  Call DSLogInfo("At the end, retval is " : RetVal,"JobControl")
  Call DSSetUserStatus("STATUS: " : RetVal)

DataStage Error:

18 Feb

“Abnormal termination of stage xxx detected”

If you get this on a Transfomer stage that takes in hashfile lookup’s, try remaking the hash files

DSR.ADMIN: Failed to add user to UV_USERS file

20 Aug

I got this when i tried to a login to DataStage Designer with the server running on Linux but the OS user on the linux box not being in the same group as the DataStage user (which runs datastage).

In this case I had to change the primary group of the user in /etc/passwd to be the same as the group that owned the files in /opt/IBM/InformationServer.

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Find WAS server that IBM Information Server uses

19 Aug

IBM Information Server uses a Websphere Application Server. If you have multiple WAS servers installed, to find the one that IIS is using you can look in:


This should contain the USER_INSTALL_ROOT, e.g.:
set USER_INSTALL_ROOT=C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\default

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IIS / DataStage login problems

8 Aug

Authentication problems with DataStage 8.

I am using the internal directory. Open the Web Console->Domain Management->Directory Configuration and make sure the “Information Server Directory” is set as the “Active Provider”

“Failed to authenticate the current user against the selected Domain:
Invalid user name (xxxxx) or password.”
— Hadn’t added user in either the Web Console or Console
Solution: Add the user, make sure you give them access under the “Suite Component”

“The current user does not have the required DataStage roles set up.”
— This means the user was authenticated ok, but does not have the correct permission set up

“Failed to connect to DataStage server: IBM-L3AM583, project: myproject
(User name and/or password incorrect (80011))”
— Go to the Web Console -> Domain Management -> DataStage Credentials
The ‘Share User Registry between IBM Information Server and DataStage Server’ is probably selected, deselect this and try to login again