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Webmail Check

16 Apr

Script to check webmail tunnel is always up:

Put an entry into /etc/inittab like:
st:2345:respawn:/usr/bin/ssh -n -C -x -R 2501:localhost:443 -o ‘GatewayPorts yes’ sleep 5000

Then have the script attached running in crontab every minute to monitor it the tunnel.
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14 Mar

Script to sync desktop to mirvy server (backup of Brunatex song files).

@echo off
echo Try rsync -auvzbP file remote:/home/myusername
set PATH=H:\PROGRA~1\Rsync;%PATH%
set CYGWIN=binmode tty
set TERM=ansi
set USERNAME=<username>

set HOME=H:\PROGRA~1\Rsync set RSYNC_RSH=ssh.exe

REM Backup all of d:\Brunatex Pro Tools New
rsync246 -e ssh -Cavz –delete "/cygdrive/d/Brunatex Pro Tools New" <username>@mirvy:/var/0DATA/brunatex

REM Backup all of j:\Pro Tools New
rsync246 -e ssh -Cavz –delete "/cygdrive/j/Pro Tools New" <username>@mirvy:/var/0DATA/brunatex