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Solaris ps

2 Jul

Sometimes ps -ef doesn’t show you enough of the command line, use: ‘/usr/ucb/ps -auxwwweg’


Solaris – 32 bit or 64 bit

2 Nov

Can check what its running as:

isainfo -b


isainfo -v

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grep on Solaris

23 Mar

Solaris doesn’t have recursive grep, instead you have to do something like:

 find . -name *.txt -exec grep  {} /dev/null  \\;

DTrace – monitor a file

12 Feb

To monitor who is opening a file on a Solaris box, try opensnoop –

Solaris Packages

4 Jun

See: for Sun OS/Solaris Packages.

Need to download package, e.g. zlib-1.1.4-sol25-sparc-local.gz

$> cd /tmp/zlib
## download package
$> gunzip zlib-1.1.4-sol25-sparc-local.gz
$> pkgadd -d zlib-1.1.4-sol25-sparc-local

Should add the packages properly!

To remove packages:
$> pkgrm

For information:
$> pkginfo -l