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VMWare over putty

12 Dec

The new VMWare has “VMWare Infrastructure Web Access” which allows you to get to your VMWare over the net.

I didn’t want to expose mine to the Internet so I tunnel behind my firewall.

You must tunnel:
8333 (for https)
8222 (for http)
902 – used for the console, otherwise you will get an error about ‘MKS’ and “the target machine actively refused it” when you try to run the console.


Startx CentOS 4.4 Vmware

3 Jul

To get the xserver running on CentOS4.4 inside VMWare

I needed to yum install: openmotif, xorg-x11, xorg-x11-twm (or i got “failed to set up write-combining range” error)

You can probably get around all this pain by doing

 $> yum groupinstall "X Window System" "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

VMware – external DHCP server

25 Apr

I couldn’t get my Rails appliance to recognise the DHCP server on my LAN.

I thought it was due to incorrect network settings in Host->Virtual Network Settings.

Turns out it was bridging but I was looking in the wrong place. Right click on the server name then right-click->Settings->Ethernet and make sure the “Bridged” option is selected.

Ubuntu Networking on VMWare

22 Nov

1. Open the .vmx file and find the ‘ethernet0.generatedAddress’ line – this gives the MAC for the NIC
2. Turn the image on and edit /etc/iftab, entering the correct MAC address
3. Stop the image, in the ‘VMware Server Console’ select Host->Virtual Network Settings->Host Virtual Network Mapping. Select a real NIC for the VMnet0.
4. Turn image on, turn networking on: “sudo /etc/init.d/networking start”