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Websphere Integration Developer issues

4 Apr

I was getting the following error when trying to use the BPC to test something (Using a Tibco EMS queue).

The problem is one of two things:
1. the JNDI Name for the QueueConnectionFactory is incorrect
(Need to go into Applications>Enterprise Applications>’ModuleName’>Map resource references to resources – make sure the QueueConnectionFactory is correct and matches a QCF in Resources>JMS Providers (or wherever)
2. The SCA Endpoint Binding is incorrect
(Need to go into Applications>SCA Modules>’ModuleName’>Imports – make sure the “Endpoint” is correct

 E   WSWS3016E: Caught JMSException: javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException:
 CWSIA0046E: The parameter Queue[jms/ems/ISL.IS.SEND.QUEUE] is from a foreign implementation that is not supported.
[11/14/07 15:57:07:846 CST] 0000005e ExceptionUtil E   CNTR0020E: EJB threw an unexpected (non-declared) exception during inv
ocation of method "transactionNotSupportedActivitySessionNotSupported" on bean "BeanId(ISL_SC_IS_Test_ClientApp#ISL_SC_IS_Tes
t_ClientEJB.jar#Module, null)". Exception data: JMSWSWS3016E: Caught JMSException: javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: CWSIA0046E: The parameter Queue[jms/ems/ISL.IS.SEND
.QUEUE] is from a foreign implementation that is not supported.

Websphere Integration Developer – ClearCase broke my ‘Business Integration’ view

4 Apr

When I installed ClearCase for Eclipse it broke my “Business Integration” view.

To fix this i went to: c:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\ID\6.0\eclipse and deleted the ‘configuration’ directory.

I then relaunched WID and it was back!

Websphere Process Server 6.0.2 – upgrading

15 Nov

To update to the latest version you need to update WAS and WPS.

As of November 2007:

Update WPS to (Fix Pack 2)


Update WAS’ ‘updateinstaller’


Update WAS to (Fixpack 23) and update WAS SDK
to 1.4.2 SR9 for V6.0.2) – NOTE that this must be done AFTER the ‘updateinstaller’ has been upgraded (above)

o      Use
the ‘Maintenance Download Wizard’ at

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WTRN0005W Error in WPS

12 Nov

From the WPS doco at


  1. Stop all the application servers and administrative server to make
    sure no in-doubt transactions exist.

  2. Delete all the files from
    install_root/tranlog directory.

  3. Go to the install_root/properties directory
    and delete all the files with the following name:



    AppServer is the name of the Application Server.

    For example: DefaultServerXAResources

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Using FTPS in Websphere Integration Developer FTP Adapter

7 Sep

You’ll need an FTPS server to test this (note: NOT a SFTP server).

(WID uses FTP over SSL/TLS with implicit encryption – you can test this by watching the commands it sends to a server – the first thing it sends is encrypted. Try FileZilla as a good client)

I used freeFtpd which seems to do it well.

1. Set up freeFTPd server selecting the “Use FTP+SSL” and “Use FTPSimplicit” options
2. Save the “Certificate” used in freeFTPd onto the client running WID.
3. On the WID client, import the certificate into a keystore:

keytool -import -file c:\freeftpd.cer -keystore c:\mykeystore

Note that it is important to make sure the keytool you are using is the same as the one running WID.
4. In WID add the property to pick up the keystore. This is found in the Administrative Console of the server in: Application Servers->server1->Server Infrastructure->Process Definition->Java Virtual Machine->Custom Properties. Add the variable named “” and set it to “c:\mykeystore” (or wherever you created it).
5. In WID in the properties of the FTP interface (from the Assembly Diagram) you need to set the url to ftps:// (rather than ftp://)

Problem running Tests against Websphere Process Server

15 Jun

I was receiving the following error “ Configuration.MissingValidFrom” when trying to run automatically generated Module tests against my WPS.

To fix, i restarted the WPS Server and did a Project->Clean and it worked.

I’m not 100% sure you actually have to restart the Server, maybe a clean is all you need.

Geronimo / IBM Websphere CE

31 Dec

There is a bug in the server whereby HotDeploy does not work properly (MyEclipse 5.1.0 GA, WebSphere CE – 1.1 which is really Geronimo)

If you try to HotDeploy, it will not work.

To make it work, go to the WebSphere directory and:
– remove the .war file from the /deploy directory
– edit /var/config/config.xml and remove the references to the deployed WAR

(It’s this bug: