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To skip WSUS and force computer to get from MS

19 Jun

Delete this entry (the whole folder?)



Remote Desktop Connection – after reboot

20 Aug

To make sure the machines allows Remote Desktop Connections after a reboot, make sure the “Remote Desktop” AND “Terminal Services” Services are set to start “Automatic”.

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Add/Remove Programs not populating

19 Aug

Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel was not populating..

To fix, run “regsvr32 AppWiz.cpl”

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2 Apr

Had a problem running custom application (‘GLASOPAC’) on an IIS server.

It gave errors like ‘Access is denied’ – this was traced to an Object instantiation in an ASP file (actually the global.asa file).

The page was trying to create an Object from a DCOM class, but the DCOM class wasn’t given a proper ‘identity’ to run as (i.e. a user).

This was fixed by going into: Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Component Services and finding the GLASOPAC component. Then clicking the ‘Identity’ tab and setting it to an Admin user.