Personal Details:

Name: Jonathan Soong

Location: Adelaide, South Australia


  • MSIT (Highest Distinction) – Carnegie Mellon University
  • LLB (Hons) – Adelaide University
  • B.Comp.Sci (Hons) – Adelaide University
  • B.Sci – Adelaide University

General Computing Skills

  • Windows: 12+ years experience (and production Exchange/AD systems administration)
  • Linux/Unix: 12+ years production systems administration experience


For the past few years the focus has been on full stack web development in Ruby on Rails, usually performing all tasks in a start-up environment.

Common tech: Rails, Rackspace/Linode/AWS, Rspec/Capybara/Selenium, MySQL/PostgreSQL (replicated), n-tier architectures, Git, Capistrano, Javascript/jQuery, HAProxy, Linux Screen (with Vim) etc.

Sites i’ve developed: http://www.chipmeup.com, http://www.tonybet.com, http://www.mytelos.com.au, http://www.investmentscience.com.au, http://www.sportomate.com, http://www.inputfarm.com

Previously I have worked in:

  • Java (> 4 years)
    • Android, Ant, Eclipse, JBuilder, Junit, Spring, Swing, Web Services 
  • Websphere Process Server
    • Websphere Integration Developer, BPEL, SCA
  • Perl (>4 years)
    • ActiveState Perl (Windows Perl)
  • PHP (>4 years)
    • Object Oriented PHP, Pear libraries
  • SQL (>10 years)
    • Joins, Nested Procedures, Stored Procedures, Views
  • Web Skills
    • HTML, XML, CSS, DHTML, DOM, Javascript, Macromedia Flash/Director scripting
  • Version Control
    • CVS, Subversion, Git

Systems Administration

Operating systems production experience (>1000 users):

  • Linux, Unix (Solaris)
    • Apache/Nginx/HAProxy, 
    • Bacula/Yosemite/rsnapshot, 
    • DRBD (network RAID)/HA/heartbeat/Nagios
    • PHPBB (Bulletin Board)/Typo3
    • DNS (Bind)/master and slave zones/Split DNS
    • LDAP/Pam.d/Samba integration
    • Postfix, Qmail, Amavisd, Spam Assassin, Clamav, Courier IMAP, Cyrus IMAP, Scalix 
    • MySQL (replicated)/PostgresSQL (replicated)/Oracle
    • Samba/Samba domain controllers/LDAP integration
    • Bash/Perl/Ruby
    • Proxy, Reverse proxy, White/Black lists
    • Virtual machines on Linux

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